A Trustless Digital
Commodity Token

Bitcarbon is not a digital twin. It’s a blockchain token (originally worth $1.00 and today $1.08), issued from a physical smart commodity that you can redeem at any time. A real store of wealth you can use for payments.

bitcarbon coin

Bitcarbon Features

Backed by the physical diamond commodities (Diamond Standard Coins and Bars), Bitcarbon features a unique set of benefits:

Bitcarbon are Diamond Commodities

Bitcarbon is not a security, it’s a regulator approved vault receipt for part of a deliverable diamond commodity.

Real Value, No Trust

Unlike stable coins or gold tokens which are digital twins, Bitcarbon come out of commodities delivered to the reserve. You never trust an issuer or auditor.

Naturally Scarce

Diamonds are the most valuable natural resource by weight. Commodities historically hold their value.

Transactions are Free

A slow inflation in the exchange rate pays for physical custody and services.

Redemptions are Free & Instant

Exchange enough Bitcarbon for a Diamond Standard Coin or Bar anytime.

Linked to Real Markets

The diamond commodities trade on spot markets, are held by funds, and are “good for delivery” on futures markets.

User-Controlled Public Reserve

Anyone can create or redeem Bitcarbon by adding or removing diamond commodities from the global reserve.

Regulated Asset

Bitcarbon will be issued under a license from the Bermuda Monetary Authority, with internal audit by Deloitte.


Bitcarbon is a digital “commodity token” — a decentralized, multi-blockchain network, cryptographic token proving you own a fraction of a deliverable commodity.

Bitcarbon are physically backed by a global reserve of fungible, market-traded, and immediately deliverable Diamond Standard commodities, which feature wireless audit, authentication, and tokenization technology.

If you own Bitcarbon, you provably own part of a Diamond Standard Coin or Bar. Learn more by reading our Overview and White Paper PDFs below.

Bitcarbon Overview
Bitcarbon Overview
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Bitcarbon White Paper
Bitcarbon White Paper
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How is Bitcarbon Different?

Stablecoins Alternative

Every other stable coin or commodity token is a “digital twin.” You trust an issuer to manage a reserve and deliver underlying assets. However, they can easily create more tokens than assets, or fail to deliver on demand.

The underlying physical assets insulate Bitcarbon from regulatory and economic shocks.

Multi-Blockchain Token

A true token with no fees to exchange or transact Bitcarbon, therefore, using them or storing them is incentivized equally.

Can easily be supported on new blockchains and moved freely between them.

Commodity Reserve

Created from blockchain-native Diamond Standard commodities. Their wireless computer chip releases Bitcarbon only when commodities are added to the token reserve.

Commodity Stability

The reserve’s commodities cannot transact without the returned Bitcarbon, so the number of Bitcarbon always equal the number of commodities, times the exchange ratio.

This Bitcarbon per commodity rate inflates slowly, and the Bitcarbon created by inflation are used to pay for custody and services.

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Asset pool is reported publicly and can be easily examined by anyone

The Bitcarbon token operates autonomously and does not allow any manipulation or leverage of the asset pool



Bloomberg: USD per Diamond Standard Coin

Bitcarbon Ratio


BCT per Diamond Standard Coin

Bitcarbon Spot


DIAMINDX divided by the Bitcarbon Ratio

Our Partners

Bitcarbon partners with leading companies to ensure the Diamond Standard commodities are kept safe in secure vaults, and Bitcarbon tokens have fast and low-cost transactions.

Reach out for institutional and individual investor needs.

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